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Four Hundred and fifty three ideas later…

StGeorgeFlagYou wouldn’t believe the number of things that spring to mind, now I’m writing this blog.

This morning I got up (woken by BBC Radio 2), got dressed (in very English clothes), ate breakfast (which involved very English things such as tea and marmalade), drove my daughter past myriad fascinating places (which I don’t normally notice at all) to Banbury for her music class (where we sang very English nursery rhymes with a very English accent) and this afternoon visited her little friends in the next village (on what you would call a play-date, but we don’t have a name for it) and drank tea whilst the children played on the swings overlooking fields and fields of sheep.

It seems there are so many places, quirks and quintessentially English things to write about, that I hardly know where to start.  And as I believe blogs should be interactive and not me just wittering on (as I am at the moment, you ask?), I think it’s time you stopped being lazy and got to work, asking me some questions!

So there you go; I’ll be blogging on demand.  With the odd bit of wittering too, no doubt.


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