On Being English

Union flag

I am English, but I am also British and a citizen of the UK.

What’s the difference?  Yeah, I can see it could easily be confusing to someone not from these parts.

Well, I was born in England, so that makes me English.  When people ask me for my Nationality, I usually say British.  But ‘Britain’ excludes Northern Ireland and that’s a terrible omission (absolutely gorgeous country, not to mention the swoony accents; think James Nesbitt).  So.  I am a citizen of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland.  Or the UK for short.

Simple, huh?


4 responses to “On Being English

  1. Steven Harris

    I have a Scottish surname, some Welsh ancestry and a little Romany blood (apparently) yet was born in England. I think British is as close as I’m going to get to a national identity. As for the Romany side, I can always curse myself for not having any Irish.

  2. Kev

    I was born in Londonderry, my Father is half English, half Scottish, My mother is Scots. I have lived around the world, including 9 years in Germany…I class myself as an Englishman & proud…I support England in everything & am getting a little jaded by the title British, when it’s the English that use it the most…The Scots, Irish & Welsh call themselves by their country of origin, & yet I get called a plastic jock by scotsmen & a blow-in by the Irish…No wonder I’d much rather call myself an Englishman

  3. We are not British.
    We just promote the best Britain has to offer

    (Sorry, shameless self-promotion here)~

    Put John Lennon’s Publicist to work for you ™

  4. j ust found this website after looking at my heaven on earth NORFOLK and would like to say how much i am enjoying it ,its a refreshing change to find so many interesting, funny and topics of conversation ie about being English, I refuse to say im british I am English born and bred and no im not one of the people who expects everyone to speak English or all I want English everything when I venture farther afield but I am proud to say Im English and have no truck with the bnp or anything that they stand for , they are the types of people that make the rest of us when abroad or in Britain ashamed to say they come from England. I love our beautiful country and our traditions and dialect and the warmth and friendlyness that most people you meet offer to you. Thats enough for now <just fell off the soapbox sorry to say its reenforced due to heavy wieghtload .

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