The easiest way to contact me, is just to leave a comment – I’ll get back to you as soon as I can.  For those who prefer emailing, try, maybe using this handy pre-prepared form for your convenience!

Dear Anna,

I read your blog and thought it was pants/ sadly misdirected /fabulous (delete as appropriate).  Please can you:

  • write a post explaining [insert required item here] as I am a confused bunny and need pointing in the right direction
  • send me a recipe for Shepherd’s Pie as soon as possible as I am trying to impress my English boyfriend and make him propose to me tonight (preferably before dessert as I only have a pack of Oreos to hand and I don’t think they’ll do it)
  • teach me some easy-to-use British words and phrases that I can use to get by on my backpacking holiday to Bognor Regis

Much appreciated,

[your username & email  here]


2 responses to “Contact

  1. I truly enjoy your posts. They are fresh and fun. I’d like to be updated or notified of new blogs. How do I go about this? Thanks again.

    • Hi,
      There’s an “RSS” button at the bottom right of the page; click on it and you can find out whenever I post. Sorry it says “RSS”! I’ll rename it to “Tell me about new posts” when I’ve got five minutes.

      So glad you’re enjoying The AngloFile. And you called the posts “fresh and fun” rather than “random and odd”! How very kind of you.


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