AnnaIt’s all very well blogging about being English, but you’re already asking yourself if I am properly qualified for the job, aren’t you? Hmmm, I thought so; it’s perfectly understandable.  Always best to make sure your ‘reliable’ source of information on England is not a French-speaking Haitian living in Timbuktu who’s simply read a bit of Jane Austen.

So; confessions first.

  • I have two Spanish cousins by marriage and I’m married to a Scotsman (although he grew up in England).
  • I suppose I could be more British, in that my family only moved to England around a thousand years ago (with William the Conqueror as one of his chefs) and before that we were French.
  • I have never in my life owned a pair of galoshes (although I have occasionally felt a hankering for some).

However, if you’ll forgive these little discrepancies in my credentials, we can look at the good stuff.

I live in the very middle of England (Oxford to the South, Stratford upon Avon to the North, The Cotswolds to the West and….well, not very much to the East, to be perfectly honest).  We inhabit a glorious mellow stone 17th century yeoman farmer’s house with a 1671 date-stone in a teeny weeny village where everyone knows everyone else and there are more sheep than people.  I was born and educated in Warwickshire, read Enid Blyton avidly as a child, own a waxed jacket, am frequently seen wearing a twinset and pearls whilst carrying my handbag over the crook of my arm, can effortlessly bring jam to a good rolling boil and make a jolly decent cup of Assam tea (my teapot is my most essential kitchen item).

So if you can find it in your heart to forgive me the obvious oversight of the galoshes, we can make a start in helping you to discover, understand and embrace true Englishness in all its forms.


8 responses to “About

  1. Hello,

    I just read your article on Anglotopia and really enjoyed it. I agree with all of your points on visiting England. It’s the areas outside of the cities that give you a taste of real Britain. I lived in England (Huntingdon, then Shefford) for three years and married a Scot. We have a lovely son together who is moving to Glasgow next year. I’ve been mad about Britain since I was very young and now I blog about it all at http://www.smittenbybritain.com
    I hope you’ll stop by and visit me sometime.

    Best regards,


    • What-ho, Melissa!

      I confess I have already sneaked a peek at your lovely blog (and bookmarked it, too, so I’ll be back). And here at The Anglofile you can look forward to all manner of English oddities, pretty places, language quirks and what-not. Any requests for things to be explained, just let me know!

      And by the way, as you are also married to a Scot, does he make you porridge with cream and salt instead of milk and sugar, like mine insists on doing? The thought of it was vile, but actually…I confess it’s delicious!


  2. Hi Anna,

    We are no longer married unfortunately but I was always a muesli girl and if he did make me porridge I would never eat it with salt and cream, that’s for sure. He did make a mean cup of tea though.


  3. Ruthanne (in Seattle)

    Just found your site and really have enjoyed reading it. Are you going to post again soon, I hope? I am married to a Scotsman also (second generation American however). I have been a true anglophile since first reading about the queen and her little sister in a library book when I was in grade school. Thank you for writing!

  4. I find it delightful that you live in a little stone house in a village. It’s all v. English and I love it! Just read your post on Anglotopia on being an English gent, and it sounds like a day in the life of Bertie Wooster (whom I love!). Thanks for a lovely blog!


  5. I love your sense of humor, or ‘humour’~
    as the case may be.
    May I add you as a Facebook friend?

    I know how jealous Scots can be,
    so if it bunches hubby’s pants, nevermind.

    • Oh Bruce, you may not be British, but that’s a great Scots name you have.

      As for being a facebook friend, alas, I write this blog under a pseudonym, so finding me may be a more difficult task than you anticipated.

      But hey, thanks for promoting the best of British in the music industry!

  6. Mitch Sullivan

    What do you mean by “true Englishnes”? What is it?

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